Swappy Goodness

Earlier this month I signed on to participate in a Christmas Tree Decoration and Hand Written Letter Swap hosted by Caithness Craft Collective on Ravelry. After the swap partners were matched up and Ravelry names were exchanged I reached out to my swap partner to introduce myself. I asked for some information about the kind of decorations my swap partner had on hand so that I could make something that would coordinate (hopefully) well with her collection.

When I heard back from my swap partner I was also asked what I liked, so in true Shorty's Sutures style I told her I loved Tim Burton characters and most of our decorations were in traditional greens, reds, black and white.

Right after the Thanksgiving holiday I was privileged to receive a truly precious box addressed to me with a hand drawn snowflake on it noting this package was from my swap partner. The inside of the package was full of individually wrapped swappy gifts! By chance I opened the ornament first, which to my complete surprise and amazement was an actual Jack Skellington ornament! A hand knitted, full sized, perfectly stitched and accessorized Jack Skellington character!

I wish my son would've snapped a picture of my face! I couldn't stop smiling. And, I carried Jack around for what seemed like 30 minutes. In case you didn't realize it yet, I ADORE my new ornament.

The rest of package was full of one thoughtful item after another; a hand-written note that included a Tim Burton quote, a handmade bar of soap scented with the most wonderful of essential oils, stitch markers that shined bright with gold gingerbread men and a box of Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie flavored tea that made my mouth water.

I was in awe! And I'm completely thankful. What an awesome way to start off the Christmas holiday season. Thank you, Louise at Caithness Craft Collective and thank you to Signe for being such a thoughtful and talented swap partner. I feel truly blessed!

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A New Home for Shorty's Sutures

As you may have experienced in this great game of Life, things sometimes must change. As much as I'm not a fan of abrupt change, I think changing where and how I host the Shorty's Sutures Podcast is definitely a positive thing.

Due to some technical problems with my previous Website I'm in the process of moving my podcast files over to Libsyn. It may take me a little extra time to get some show notes up for you to reference, but I'll add notes in as soon as I possibly can. I'm confident this will be a good thing for all of us!

Thanks for your patience and I'll have more content up for you shortly!

Until then, keep those hands stitchin'!


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